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Rhodes Island

Price: £ 55

We are closer to the Greek Islands here on Westcoast of Turkey than Greece itself. We turn it into an advantage to have memorable days. From Fethiye to Rhodes there is a daily Ferry Boat Tour, it leaves 08:30 am in the morning and returns at 07:00 pm the same day. Once you get your ticket with us, you make sure you have your Schengen Visa not expired. .
Rhodes is one of the closest Greek Islands to Turkey. Through history, it has been ruled by many nations, from Greek to Turks, Romans to Persians, but mostly has the effects of Knights later to be known as Malta Knights.Archæological and architectural remains from Hellenistic, Roman, Medieval and modern Greek and Ottoman periods wait to be explored. It offers historical sites, beautiful beaches, amazing views, various cafe's, restaurants, and most importantly Knight gift shops. You have a day for yourself, free from a scheduled day, you can make the best of it.

What is included : insurance,return ferry tickets.
You need to bring : Sunglasses – Suncream – Towel – Camera – Swimwear,some money
Pick up time : 06.15 am
Duration : 12 hours.

Price: £ 55

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